Hair sweating:9 good tips to keep your scalp clean and fresh

During the summer, when heat and humidity climb our scalp is not spared. The scalp tends to heat up and sweat under the capillary mass. A natural phenomenon which is embarrassing for many because often perspiration is associated with dirty and greasy hair . And for good reason, with accumulated sweat, sebum, dust and pollution, our roots shine, our lengths lose their vitality and our hair no longer has volume. Worse still, you can suffer from bad smells at the level of the skull. But do not panic, it is not inevitable. There are simple and effective solutions to keep a clean and fresh scalp in summer with high temperatures.

Sweating hair:how not to sweat from the scalp?

Capillary sweat , caused by the sweat glands, is perfectly normal. This helps regulate body temperature and keep a cool head in any situation. It is therefore impossible not to sweat from the scalp. On the other hand, we can reduce the effects of sweat on our mane. You can use a special scalp scrub to allow it to breathe and rid it of bacteria accumulated during the day or night. The dry

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