Haircut:here is the fake bob or how to wear a square, without cutting your hair

TikTok struck again. And this time, with a trick that you will love. Especially for those who are afraid to cut their long hair in favor of a head square . Difficult to find your way about the trend is both square than with long wild hair . But it’s stronger than you, as soon as you cross a square , you immediately want to run to the hairdresser. And that, Chris Appleton, the celebrity hairdresser (he has in his hands the hair of J-Lo, Dua Lipa and Kim Kardashian) understood it well. To overcome the fear of a large majority to go from long to short, he revealed a tip in video , on the famous platform TikTok . The idea? Adopt the square without cutting a single one of your hairs . Too good to be true ? We explain everything to you.

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