Large forehead:these haircuts perfect to hide it!

There are those who think their face is too round, those who don’t like their hair or those who find their forehead too big . Small complexes die hard, so if you can’t love that forehead of yours, opt for a hairstyle that conceals it . There are several options to tame your hair and hide that forehead, while enhancing your hair.

Haircuts to adopt when you have a large forehead

The fringe or the wick are among the cuts to favor when you have a large forehead, since they come to break this impression of grandeur. If you have a long face, prefer straight bangs, up to the eyebrows. However, if your face is rather short, prefer a degraded lock . In the same way, you can opt for wavy lengths . They will draw attention elsewhere and your forehead will be totally forgotten!

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